Wonder Works

Want to spend a day having more fun than you’ve ever had before? Disaster challenges, an anti-gravity chamber, swimming with sharks, a bed of nails, shuttle lander, wonder coaster and more – it’s all under one roof and is one of Panama City Beach’s hottest attractions! We’re talking about WonderWorks, where grown- ups get to be kids, and kids get an education without even realizing it!

The upside down building that houses WonderWorks has been part of the Panama City Beach landscape since 2010 and it’s a no-brainer when you’re looking for things to do. Absolutely awesome in every way, hundreds of exhibits come together to provide that “science lab gone wrong’ kind of vibe….you know the one. Even stepping into WonderWorks is a challenge in itself. We dare you to keep your eyes open as you walk through the inversion tunnel!

Not content with offering a staggering collection of whacky adventures, challenges and interactive games, WonderWorks also has a ridiculously cool rope challenge (not for the faint-hearted), virtual soccer and even Lazer Tag! How cool is that? If you thought WonderWorks was just for the nerdy science geeks then think again – we’re talking an indoor playground the likes of which you’ve never seen before! Totally worth giving up a day at the beach, we promise.

Wonder Works is open 7 days a week and doesn’t close until late on weekends. No reservations required. There’s special family and group rates available, so give them a call at (850) 249 7000 and let them help you plan your visit! Do it now! And be prepared to have your senses sizzled and your brain boggled!

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