Saltwater Grill

Attention foodies! You may think you’ve come across a broad spectrum of eateries, but have you ever enjoyed exquisite cuisine under the backdrop of a 25,000 gallon saltwater aquarium? If the answer is no then clearly you haven’t dined at Salt Water Grill, one of Panama City Beach’s most talked about restaurants!

Get ready for an awesome dining experience. The former home of Panama City Brewery, Saltwater Grill has been around since the restaurant opened in 2002. The restaurant is stylish and has a top-notch reputation, so if the aquatic theme doesn’t “reel you in” then let the reviews do the talking. The saltwater aquarium is a tropical reef filled with colorful and exotic sea life, which definitely gives you something to look at while you eat. (Other than your dining partner of course). In addition to this uber-cool fishy feature, Saltwater Grill is also famous for its succulent seafood and choice hand-cut steaks. As mouth-watering menus go, this one is pretty tough to beat. How loud can you say “Yum?”

For those who dig a little background music, Michael Rorah has been performing piano favorites Tuesdays thru Saturdays for years, and it’s an enjoyable accompaniment to the meal. Even just kicking back with a martini and some nibbles in the lounge and listening to his tantalizing tunes is worth the trip! This is no dive bar and so shirt and shoes is definitely a must, but the great thing about Saltwater Grill is the way it manages to blend casual and formal so perfectly! Tempted yet? Be sure to put aside at least one night of your vacation for a visit, totally worth it, we promise!

Saltwater Grill is Located at 11040 Middle Beach Road, Panama City Beach. Call (850) 230 2739 for more details!

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